The Big Share Gift Box

A delicious gourmet selection of sweet and savoury treats - perfect for sharing
SKU: CP102c

Would you like to add a hand-crafted, recycled rimu cheeseboard to your gift box? Our cheeseboards are made in Tauranga using reclaimed rimu from the Auckland court house. Board measures 250mm x 210mm.

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Our Big Share Gift Box is a perfect gift idea for friends, couples or flat mates

This is the perfect sharing box, full of delicious sweet and savoury treats to share.

Gift box includes:

1 x Molly Whoppy Handmade Crunchy N’ Cheesy Savoury Bites
Perfect for entertaining or every day snacking. Packing plenty of flavour of NZ tasty cheddar and a hint of cayenne pepper, they are definite crowd pleasers.

1 x Dr Bugs Mint Choc Gourmet Popcorn
Indulgent mint flavoured popcorn with a dark choc drizzle. You'll want to hide this one from the kids - it's strictly an adult only treat! If you can keep it safe, it's perfect for snacking on in the evenings. Pairs nicely with social media and a sneaky pinot. This mint chocolate flavour was inspired by our auntie's old peppermint slice recipe. You'll taste notes of peppermint, a dark choc drizzle, and a generous dollop of family get-togethers.

1 x Spent Grain Crackers
Spent Grain Crackers with a delicious bold flavour of Rock Salt. Crafted from upcycled Brewers Grain from New Zealand’s favourite Ales. The perfect product to add to your favourite antipasto platter.

1 x Pete's Natural Lemonade
Pete's Natural Lemonade is made in Nelson from lightly carbonated water, freshly squeezed New Zealand lemon juice, organic fair trade raw sugar and New Zealand grown hops, which are chock-full of antioxidants, known for their relaxing and unique health benefits. Our sodas are brewed the traditional way - this means they are lightly fermented. All contain 30% – 50% less sugar than other leading brands. With less than 5% added Fair Trade organic raw sugar, they tick all the right boxes for being healthy.

1 x Pete's Natural Kola
Pete’s low sugar Kola is made with freshly squeezed New Zealand lemon and lime juice, as well as NZ Heilala Vanilla, which fits in with our Fair Trade at home philosophy. The Kola we use is also extracted from the Kola nut. No caffeine! Now chill, open and enjoy the best Kola in the world.

1 x Cranberry and White Chocolate Fudge Brownie
An irresistible cranberry and white chocolate fudge brownie.

1 x Beer Belly Jellies Blonde Jelly
Hand crafted beer jelly. Exquisite partnered with strong cheeses, fresh fruit, or drizzled over ice cream.

1 x Beer Belly Jellies Pale Ale Jelly
Hand crafted beer jelly. Using an Indian Pale Ale, this jelly has a lot going on with it. Adored by foodies!

1 x Solomons Gold Dark Velvet Chocolate Bar
Silky smooth, this subtle chocolate’s rich cacao flavour develops into one with complexity as the flavours of roasted maple, coffee and just a hint of coconut shine through.

1 x Russian Fudge Pistachio
Guaranteed to satisfy the most sinful candy cravings. Our handmade Russian Fudge is sweet and crumbly all in one bite. Eat straight from the bag, or as a lively kick to ice cream as a crumbly topping.

1 x Potter Brothers Red Licorice in Milk Chocolate
The iconic liquorice chocolate combination, with a unique ‘twist’. New Zealand is used to the old soft eating liquorice – ours is harder, chewier, and more addictive! Coated in our family recipe milk chocolate. Try it, you’ll love it!

2 x Whittakers Dark Chocolate Squares

Please Note: Our shelves are usually full, but in the rare event that we run out of a gift box item, we will replace it with a similar product of the same value.

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With that in mind, all of our gift box packaging is environmentally concious and recyclable*. Your gift box contents are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged by hand in our cardboard boxes. We hand-tie our decorative paper raffia ribbon around your box (with your complimentary gift tag attached), then wrap your package in brown paper before handing over to the courier. Even our packaging tape is made from paper!

We love to gift beautiful presents to our loved ones, but we don't love the plastic wrapping and non-recyclable packaging products that often come with them. We do everything we can to avoid plastic in our gift box packaging. We only have one planet, and we need to protect it!

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